Healthy and active body is the basis for having healthy mind; indeed, the usual and regular exercise of sports activities allows our body to keep up its strength and flexibility, and this in parallel with a healthy nutritional diet. Moreover, jogging is an easy and inexpensive sport and does not need a great effort, just take your shoes and start out…!!!


Although jogging is easy and everyone can practice it, but owners of dangerous diseases such as high blood pressure and asthma should consult their doctor to make sure their ability and to not endanger their health:

➡ You should wear suitable and comfortable sportswear, and you should choose comfortable and suitable sneakers for your feet because the feet will be the part that will bear all the pressure of your weight (Buy the shoes at night because the size of the feet is bigger than in the morning)

➡ It is best to exercise jogging with friends, family, or group to keep your determination.

➡ Choose the right place to jog like parks or a race track and choose a quiet and beautiful place to not be bored and avoid walking in the streets as much as possible

➡ For your safety be sure to drink enough fluid to avoid dehydration,

➡ Be sure to warm up before starting to avoid muscle fatigue.

➡ Determine the duration and running speed you want, and do not exceed the limits of your capacity.


The morning is the better time for the exercise of the sport including jogging which has several advantages:

➡ Obtain pure oxygen, because in the morning, the amount of oxygen is higher than in the rest of the day.

➡ Get rid of overweight by burning fat and calories.

➡ Increase your endurance by strengthening the muscles, especially the muscles of the foot and hands.

➡ Activate blood circulation in the body and thus boost the immune system and disease resistance.

➡ Strengthens the heart, and protects against cardiovascular disease.

➡ Reduce anxiety and prevent depression.

➡ Strengthens muscles and bones.

➡ Reduce and prevent stress.

➡ Improve the quality of sleep.

➡ Improve self-confidence.

➡ Regulate metabolism and activate fat burning.

➡ Get rid of negative energy in the body, increasing the generation of the happiness hormone.