It is common for most people that following a diet for weight loss is always related to eating non-tasty and tasteless meals, and stop eating our favorite dishes and other misconceptions. In this article, We will try to highlight some of the mistaken beliefs by many people about weight loss diets

RUMOR: Forbidden to eat meals after six in the evening

 💡 FACT: We must separate between the last meal and the time to sleep about 3-4 hours

RUMOR: Brown bread contains fewer calories than white bread

 💡 FACT: The amount of calories is the same for brown bread and white bread

RUMOR: Chocolate is harmful to health

 💡 FACT: Dark chocolate is useful for the health of your heart and your arteries

RUMOR: If you eat less you will lose weight quickly

 💡 FACT: Eating 5-6 meals a day is very effective in losing weight

RUMOR: All fat is harmful

 💡 FACT: Fat included two types: bad and good

RUMOR: Olive oil is low in calories

 💡 FACT: Olive oil, like other vegetable oils have the same amount of calories

RUMOR: Brown sugar healthier than white sugar

 💡 FACT: Brown sugar and white sugar have the same nutritional value