Eggplant is one of the favorite dishes of many people; our cuisine is rich in recipes that satisfy the eggplant with a multitude of taste, it’s nice black color hides many health benefits and also a number of dangers.


 💡 Good for health, especially in the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis.
 💡 Contributes to the prevention of obesity
 💡 It helps in weight loss because it is low in calories
 💡 It contains a high proportion of cancer-fighting substances.
 💡 Strengthens the stomach, generates urine and calms headaches.
 💡 Prevent muscle cramps.
 💡 Protect body cells from oxidative damage resulting from food processing.
 💡 It is rich in antioxidants
 💡 Good for pregnant women
 💡 Good for the skin and for the following people diet
 💡 Benefits of Black Eggplant:
 💡 An important source of fiber:
 💡 A major source of fiber

 💡 Rich in “B” vitamins and some important minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, folic acid, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and help relieve swelling and Bleeding
 💡 Helps adjust the salt content in the blood in addition to what it works on body moisturizer.
 💡 Also prevents the transmission of cholesterol from the stomach into the arteries, and reduces the fat content.
 💡 Helps prevent heart disease, and keeps the urinary tract, also works to improve memory, prevent certain types of cancers.


Despite the multiple benefits of eggplant, its risks must also be cited as exceeding the reasonable
quantities can cause serious damage to health as follows:

 💡 It is recommended for people suffering from stomach or low stomach problems not to eat eggplant often because it causes digestive problems due to its long digestion process which takes about four hours.
 💡 Secondly, excessive amounts of eggplant can cause an allergy. According to a medical research done by the Central Institute of Food Research India, the results showed that the allergies resulting from eggplants have serious complications like rashes and itching in addition to throat infections.


 💡 Eating fried eggplant often causes large quantities of saturated fat in the human body and thus increases the risk of obesity, high cholesterol and liver fat – It is recommended not to eat eggplants before bedtime or during fasting because it increases the sensation of hunger and thirst.
 💡 It is advisable to not eat eggplant before going to sleep, as it increases the feeling of hunger and thirst
 💡 It is advisable to not peel the eggplant because the crust of the eggplant has a large part of the important nutrients
 💡 Avoid eggplant fried and take eggplant boiled, grilled because it is more beneficial.