No need to take the lead to lose weight. To keep the line, use simple quick tips to put into practice. They alone make the effect!

  1. Eat slowly. When you eat too quickly, the digestion process is disrupted. This can be explained very simply: about twenty minutes elapse between the moment when one begins to eat and the one where one senses the feeling of being satisfied. Also, the slower you eat, the fewer calories consumed during this time will be.

  2. Drink when hungry. In case of small cravings, it is strongly recommended to drink a large glass of water. It will effectively reduce the feeling of hunger. In addition, drinking an average of one and a half liters of water per day can significantly accelerate the metabolism. Calories are thus more quickly burned by the body.

  3. Take care of the presentation of his base. By making an appetizing and tasty plate, we find the pleasure of fully enjoying the taste and smell of food. For this, nothing is simpler: it is sufficient for example to select colorful fruits and vegetables, scented spices, various textures and different modes of cooking.

  4. Avoid the odors that open the appetite. Some, more than others, tend to make us salivate! According to tastes, food odors can indeed awaken a craving that, usually, we would not feel. So, to avoid any temptation, it is important to prefer sweet and natural perfumes: simmered vegetables or fruit salad, for example.

  5. Do not skip meals. When you diet and want to lose weight fast, the temptation to skip a meal is great. And yet, this is a very bad strategy. By not receiving the energy resources necessary for its proper functioning, the body will indeed store more fat to ward off any deficiencies. Moreover, by voluntarily provoking this feeling of hunger, one is exposed to the danger of eating more during the next meal.

  6. In case of cravings, banish fatty and sweet foods. Despite balanced and varied meals, cravings can occur during the day. To avoid snacking snacks that are too rich in lipids and carbohydrates, it is important to focus on certain types of food. Ideally, a handful of dried fruits (almonds, for example), fresh fruit, homemade stew or even natural yoghurt will satisfy without getting fat.

  7. Reduce the size of your plate. This trick may seem anecdotal, yet it turns out to be formidably effective. It reduces the intake of food (and thus calories). Meals are less plentiful, and the feeling of fullness is also felt more quickly.

  8. Occupy your hands during the meal. When eating, it’s not essential to focus all of your attention on your plate. By pausing between mouthfuls, chatting with his guests and laying his fork on the table from time to time, we eat more slowly. Hunger is thus more quickly appeased.

  9. Do not neglect her sleep. Taking care of one’s sleep helps keep the line. Indeed, chronic fatigue has many consequences on weight gain. On the one hand, it increases the feeling of hunger. The food consumed is therefore generally more caloric. On the other hand, it favors sedentariness.

  10. Drastically reduce its consumption of wine. As a general rule, alcohol is very caloric. It therefore promotes a risk of weight gain not negligible. Moreover, it tends to cause a feeling of hunger, and promotes the storage of bad fats in the body.