Do sports terrorize you? Lightened dishes give you goose bumps? We have good news for you. Losing calories without making any effort is possible! And science says it: spending an hour in a bath at 40 ° C would burn an average of 126 calories, equivalent to 30 minutes of brisk walking.
This result is more than gratifying, it is the researchers at the universities of loughborough and Leicester (England) who bring it to us. Scientists made this astonishing discovery as they worked on developing alternative exercises to better control type 2 diabetes. They then realized that spending an hour in the bath was more effective at doing Lower the blood sugar level than an hour of cycling.
A result “completely unexpected”, according to Dr. Steve Faulkner, author of the study: “Participants who took a bath lost on average 10% more sugar compared to those who made it ‘exercise “. The researchers also discovered that the bath could increase energy expenditure by 80%, more than 100 calories burned in one hour. “We think this phenomenon is due to heat, the latter releasing heat shock proteins [which protect the cells from stress and play a role in the body’s defenses, ed.]. “
But because they always have to spoil everything, the researchers say that it is still essential to practice regular physical activity and to eat balanced.