Men, especially athletes, often like to build strong muscles that show their strength and physical strength. Here are the top 10 foods to build strong, healthy muscles. Muscle building depends heavily on the proportion of protein and amino acids the body gets through eating foods that supply Body with high proportions of proteins:

Meat is a very important source of protein needed for the body in the process of building muscle mass, so it is essential for any man wanting to build his muscles to eat meat, especially red meat to feed his body High protein content.
Almond is also an important source of protein, where only a quarter of a cup of almonds contains 8 grams of protein, and the almond is an important source of mono unsaturated fat, which is very beneficial to the heart, Almond contains calcium that penetrates more than 300 vital biochemical reactions in the body.
Some may be surprised that cheese is one of the most important foods that help build muscle, where half a cup of cheese contains 14 grams of protein and a percentage of fat that does not exceed 2 grams.
Oysters are also very important food for athletes, especially bodybuilding, where only 100 grams of boiled oysters give the body 20 grams of protein and only 5 grams of fat, in addition the oysters give the body a considerable amount of Zinc larger than any other food, they also contain magnesium knowing that zinc and magnesium are very important elements for the synthesis of proteins in the body.
Chocolate Milk
Milk is one of the most important animal foods that provide the body with a high percentage of protein, especially when mixed with other flavors by adding chocolate or strawberries … which allows having 20 grams of protein, which effectively helps build muscles in the body.
Beef is considered one of the most important types of meat that helps build muscle, knowing that 100 grams of ground beef provide the body with 27 grams of protein and it also contains more vitamins and minerals than other types of meat such as vitamin B12, zinc and iron that is very important for muscle growth.
The nutritional components of the soybean plant are very important to build muscle so it is one of the few plant sources that provide complete protein to the body because a cup of cooked soybeans contains more than 20 grams of amino acids; it is rich in vitamins and other minerals that contribute greatly in building and strengthening muscles
Eggs are also considered to be one of the primary sources of protein, an egg gives us 5-6 grams of protein compared to a very low level of calories, and proteins in eggs function with higher biological efficacy, which is used with great efficiency for muscle growth.
Chicken is also a very important source of protein and only 100 grams of chicken meat contains 31 grams of protein with only 4 grams of fat, so chicken is one of the best foods to build muscle.
Fish are probably the best food to build and strengthen muscles, for example salmon in addition to its high percentage of protein which is estimated at 25 grams per 100 grams it also contains a large percentage of OMEGA 3 and vitamin D, Indeed fish is an incredible source of protein and it participates heavily in the process of building and developing muscles especially salmon and tuna.