Do you drink soft drinks? Are you wary of their harmful effects on your health? Do you avoid diet drinks? Have you ever had an addiction to coca-cola?

Drinking more than two glasses of cola a day could double the risk of suffering from chronic kidney disease, according to an American study.

Here are 16 good reasons to never drink again!

1 💡 One can of Coca-Cola contains 35 g of sugar (the equivalent of 7 cubes of sugar), and a 2-liter bottle contains 212 g (the equivalent of 42.5 cubes of sugar).
2 💡 Phosphoric acid in this type of drink slows digestion, promotes the development of bone diseases (such as osteoporosis), and blocks the absorption of nutrients in foods.
3 💡 Filled with caffeine, soft drinks can cause some forms of cancer, insomnia, high blood pressure and heart rate disorders.
4 💡 The findings of a study by the American Academy of Neurology show that soda lovers increase their risk of developing depression.
5 💡 Soft drinks are among the leading causes, regularly cited, to explain the global epidemic of obesity.
6 💡 The pH of a carbonated beverage is 2.5 on the pH scale (vinegar 2.9, lemon juice 2.4, and water 7). Its acidity close to that of a battery makes it an excellent cleaning product.
7 💡 A study published in the magazine Respirology shows that the consumption of soft drinks is intimately linked to respiratory problems and lung cancer.
8 💡 Research by the American Association for Cancer Research last year shows that drinking more than two sweetened soft drinks per week increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer by 87%.
9 💡 Some soft drinks contain brominated vegetable oil, banned in some 100 countries. This suspected food additive is still permitted in Canada and the United States.
10 💡 Artificial sweeteners have the same effect on the body as sugar; they trigger insulin, which puts the body into “fat storage” mode, which leads to “weight gain,” says Brooke Alpert, author of The Sugar Detox.
11 💡 A new study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas revealed that drinking soft drinks diets on a regular basis adds centimeters to the size of a person.
12 💡 Drinking one diet liqueur per day increases the risk of diabetes or a metabolic syndrome (which increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke) by 36% a study conducted at the University of Minnesota.
13 💡 Early studies of aspartame suggest that this artificial sweetener can trigger headaches and migraines in some people.
14 💡 A study published in General Dentistry shows that citric acid in soft drinks weakens and destroys tooth enamel over time. Researchers found the same level of erosion on the teeth of methamphetamine users (crystal meth).
15 💡 People who prepare their cocktails with a diet drink become drunk faster than those who drink the sweetened version, according to a study by Northern Kentucky University. Researchers believe that the blood absorbs the artificial sweetener faster than sugar.
16 💡 According to researchers at the University of Miami and Columbia University, calorie-free soda drinkers increase their risk of stroke or heart attack and develop cardiovascular disease by 43%.

If you still have a few bottles of soft drinks at home, you could use them to…

 ➡ Remove a stain of grease from clothing,

 ➡ Remove rust on your car, or clean your engine,

 ➡ Clean the oil stains on the floor of your garage,

 ➡ Clean your burnt pans,

 ➡ Remove a gum stuck in your hair (abstain if you have colored hair),

 ➡ Clean the pool,

 ➡ Clean the toilet bowl,

 ➡ Remove paint on metal furniture.