Memory is found in brain cells, containing thousands of cells and neurotransmitters, through which the process of retention of stored information and called when needed (reminder), and these cells need the same as the rest of the body to the renewal and activation to keep them from damage and do their functions to the fullest, There are many important things to do to strengthen memory, increase focus and get rid of forgetfulness.

The pressures of daily life that confront us at home, school, work, and other things those are disturbing and stressful and lack of rest and sleep. The way we follow our food and nutrition has an aspect that affects the health of our memory either negatively or positively depending on the quality of the food we eat.
  • Sleep well at night improves the level of memory, and increases activity especially when waking up in the morning, so we have to sleep long enough, at least seven hours a day for adults and ten hours for children.
  • Exercising on a daily basis because it has an active role in stimulating brain cells and improving their cognitive functions. Eat more omega-3 foods, such as fish, flaxseed, rapeseed, etc. Omega-3 is found in the form of pills or capsules sold in pharmacies.
  • List of foods containing vitamin B to our daily diet, including legumes, fish, meat, eggs, poultry and nuts, for its great benefits in memory development, as well as vitamin D-rich foods found in milk. Exposure to sunlight for a quarter of an hour daily.
  • It is very important to drink plenty of water at least twice the amount of liters a day. It is known that every member of the body needs water so that he can perform his functions to the fullest.
  • Take care to practice mental exercises that will develop the abilities of the mind and help him to remember information easily and not to forget.
  • Eating chocolate is very useful for brain cells. The chemicals in the cocoa bean seed calm the nerves, help relax, and improve the flow of blood circulation to and from the brain.
  • Maintaining social relationships and communication among people will increase the power of memory.
  • It is noticeable that people who have no friendships and language communicate with the outer environment are the most vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Stay away from life pressures that weaken memory and affect mental health in a negative and harmful way, and get sufficient rest and calm nerves.
  • Do not neglect drinks containing antioxidants, eating three cups a day, which protect the memory and evolved from its functions such as: Eat green tea.